Welcome To Dr Aduwawa

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                             WELCOME TO DR ADUWAWA TEMPLE

I am a Spiritualist Spiritual Healer and Spell Caster from AFRICAN  Interested in Psychic Spiritual Healing or Spiritual growth visit here. No need to go to different spell casters as I will Cast powerful Spiritual Spells for you.  for   My Spiritual Shop and Supplies. I cure HIV DISEASE  , HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS, DIABETES  DISEASE,  CANCER PR SYPHILIS
DISEASE And so many more........

                                     BLACK SEED OIL BENEFITS


I am Dr ADUWAWA at he mighty herbal cure that can solve your problem within 8 to 10days  . i have been a herbalist cure for more than 37 years now and my work speak greatly for me. My herbal cure is 100% guarantee, sure and safe. so i will advice you to contact me now so that your problem can be solve urgent,

1) If you want to be cure from your HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS . 
2) if you want to be cure your from HIV disease.
                                                                            3) if you want to be cure from your Diabetes disease.
                                                                            4) if you want to be cure from your Cancer or syphilis disease. 


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When you order for my lottery spells, it will make you win a very huge amount of money, and jackpots you desire and need. The supremacy of my lottery spells, works on you, so there are no special numbers needed to play, or certain patterns. Just play one ticket on the lottery of your choice, and the great lottery spell will handle the rest. Whether you play Powerball, Mega Millions, daily drawings or sweepstakes. I have a powerful lottery spell, to help you. Working with my ancestors, to clear bad luck, and infuse you with good luck and positive energy. The power of my lottery spells, brings luck, and wins fast. Clearing paths with-in the universe, for money and great luck to reach you. These dominant spell castings, will be successful in bringing the lottery wins, to change your life, because it has helped a lot of people all over the world, and make the multi bilionaires...

This spell is for those who are in need of urgent money, or you need money to boost up your financial life? Start up a business? Then Dr ADUWAWA is a professional and genuine spell caster that can change your life permanently for good, and you will have enough money just as you have ever wanted it. since the history of this Temple, money spell has been cast for different people all over the world here in this temple, and many people have become billionaires with the help of my money spell. so its your turn to get rich. Do not suffer anymore in poverty. just Order this spell, and see the effect of money spell, without any side effect.

NOTE: If you come to my temple here and contact me for help, just be patient and wait for my response. Do not hurry away to another spell caster. because there are lots of fake spell casters online here claiming to be real. so do not fall victim. And i must tell you this that you were so very lucky to have met and contacted me. so if i do not reply you immediately, then know that i am in my temple, carrying out some spell work or sacrifices. Just relax your mind and wait for my response. No hurry in life. because "THE PATIENT DOG EAT THE FATTEST BONE....

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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